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Dorset’s favourite outdoor classroom.


Wimborne Model Town is a unique educational aid  as a social history resource with  over 100 miniature shopfronts representing goods and services available in Wimborne more than 60 years ago. 

The board of trustees are encouraging of educational visits.  Admission charges are £6.50 per junior (assuming a group of more than 10) with no charge for necessary support staff and teachers.


Teachers are welcome to book a free site audit visit and review the available resources in situ.


We have  a  1950s school area with a history timeline display and established quizzes, tasks and spot challenges to undertake. Sit at the old desks and find out what 1950s school lessons were like.


Learn about the Commonwealth and the Coronation  - how about some 11 plus questions?

View the time-line of the Model Town's history against national and world events.

There is much we have to offer for a school visit.

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