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See how our gardens blossom throughout the year!

Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of our gardens.

Since the 1980’s, our landscaped gardens have been delighting our visitors.

Our beautiful gardens are full of colour and form, from Spring through to Autumn. They are maintained solely by our enthusiastic volunteers, who grow many of the plants from seed and cuttings, using our home mixed compost.

The gardens of the model houses and the river banks are lovingly tended, and feature a parterre garden, rockeries, annual flowers and low growing herbaceous shrubs. The plants have been carefully selected to reflect the colours and textures of the season.

Elsewhere in the site, specimen trees provide shade and colour, with flowers and emerald leaves in the spring followed by glowing autumn leaves and fruits.

The Sensory garden features plants that invite you to look, feel and smell. The grasses sway in the breeze and the herbs intoxicate the senses. Children use the musical instruments to make sounds that echo those they hear in the garden.

Look for the Kitchen Garden in the Miniature Golf area. In our raised vegetable frames, seasonal vegetables grow in tidy rows and up bean sticks and supports, while colourful borders add and beauty.

At the highest point of the Model Town, the top lawn has a picnic area amongst the trees, shrubs and flowers. Enjoy your picnic here, or a welcome coffee, cake or lunch from the Tea Room, while surveying the miniature town below.

Our gardening volunteers work in two teams, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

The gardens have received many prizes from the annual  WIMBORNE IN BLOOM competition.

Would you like to join in?

CLICK HERE to become a Garden Champion!

Click on the pictures below to see how our gardens mature throughout the year.

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