The Model Town

The vintage miniature world of Wimborne Model Town offer the visitor the opportunity to walk around the Wimborne Town Centre of more than 65 years ago with over 100 shops, banks, cafes, a river system, two sets of public toilets and a ringing phone box. 

Take a copy of The Model Town Trail and explore the site on our One Way Social Distanced route



We've extensive gardens to relax and enjoy the view with Wendy Street, our special enclosed play area for younger visitors.  Don't forget the giant storyteller's chair.

Crazy Golf is just £1.25 per person.

There's lots to see undercover with:

  •  The Beryl Dade Dolls' House collection of miniature illuminated dwellings
  • Drive the trains on our nostalgic 00 gauge model railway
  • 1950s school and shop area
  • Our Tea Room this year offers garden service for tea, coffee, cold drinks,  cakes, sandwiches and ice cream.